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Choceňačka is a small brass band, which was established by the bandmaster Jiří Šimek and the teacher of the music school in Choceň, František Šantrůček in 1991. The main motive for the establishment of this band was the exercise of graduates of the brass section. Choceňačka cooperates with a brass band of the music school and offers to young musicians a professional base. The management of the music school accommodates to Choceňačka with the place for practise and concerts.

In the repertoire there are pieces by present and classic brass composers and not only classic, but also modern brass music. Choceňačka plays not only for needs of Choceň and the neighbouring towns. The band plays on the proms, playfests, festivities, street parades, balls and music shows too. In 1996, 1999 and 2002 the band attended the Polka-fests, the greatest brass fest in the Czech Republic.

Choceňačka played in some foreign countries last years. We can mention for example Spanish town Jaca in 1996. Choceňačka has cooperated with the majorettes Ladybirds between the years 2002 and 2004 and together performed in German towns Bössel and Wasserburg in 2002 and 2003, in Swedish town Jönköping in 2003 and in the south Italian town Cisternino in 2004. The german town Verl has heard it in sommer 2006. The brass band is a member of the Friends of Art Club in Choceň at this time.

Jiří Šimek - bandmaster

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